Environmental Law - Urban Planning Law

The protection of the environment as a constitutional requirement and a European priority constitutes a fundamental prerequisite for the exercise of any business activity, in combination with the existing planning policy either at a financial level (Renewable Sources of Energy, Tourism, Industry etc) or at a level of territorial unities (Prefectures, Municipalities etc). Considering all this, our Law Firm provides full legal coverage concerning the following:

  • Procedure and prerequisites of obtaining a Decision of Approval of Environmental Conditions and Benchmark Environmental Commitments.
  • Protection of citizens and of collective entities from defective Decisions of the Public Administration concerning the Approval of Environmental Conditions and the location of business facilities (Renewables, Industrial Units etc).
  • Conditions and Prerequisites of construction.
  • Local Spatial Plans (former General Urban Development Plans).
  • Special Spatial Plans.
  • Expropriations – City planning issues.

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